Is this Real? $100,000 a Month Blog Writing, an Experiment (Part 1 in a series)

The other evening I was searching around the internet for something to do to make a little extra cash. Making a little extra money on the side never hurts, right.  Consequently, I found literally thousands upon thousands of articles about blog writing to make money.

Therefore, I wondered, are people really sitting at home blog writing and making money?  As I continued searching, I found claims of bloggers making $5,000 a month, $10,000 a month, or even $100,000 a month blog writing. More importantly, I discovered that many of them were writing blogs about starting a blog.  Many claimed that by copying what they were doing you could easily make money just like them.

I have to admit, I am a bit skeptical.

First of all, I’m sure there are people who start blogs and get lucky. While others have the right content, contacts, and ability to make large sums of cash. I find myself a bit skeptical and have to ask, is this real?

Isn’t it possible that this is just some kind of giant pyramid scheme where people write blogs about blog writing.  Similar to that Sunday morning infomercial where the sales person says follow “my proven technique,” I’ll show you how to make 100,000 dollars a month by blog writing in your underwear. Where’s the catch?

Maybe I’m a little over-dramatic here, but the internet is full of phony people providing false hope or information about all kinds of topics.

An Experiment in Blog Writing

Consequently, here’s how I thought I would see if any of this is true.

After examining many of the blogs about making money, I decided to perform an experiment.  If this is so easy, I would create a website for others to follow.  Additionally, I would post exactly what I am doing and whether any of it is actually successful.  I would write blog information on at least a weekly basis about how I am setting things up.

The Website

To begin, I started the website,  You can find that exact process here.

There will be many more articles at the beginning, as there are a lot of things that need to be accomplished just to get everything setup. Furthermore, it is my goal to get everything setup for as close to free as possible. Seriously, who wants to pay out a bunch of cash to see if this experiment works. Additionally, I am open to suggestions or ideas as we progress.


Maybe this is real and it is that simple, or maybe this whole thing crashes and burns and I just piss off a lot of people writing blogs about blog writing. I don’t know, but experimenting is what I’m all about. Furthermore, I will share any information that I obtain throughout this process.  If you have a specific question that is not addressed in any of the articles, feel free to comment.

In the next article, I explain the three things you will need to setup a website.